Andreas Echavez (oceanplexian) wrote,
Andreas Echavez

Answer for question 4160.

Who was your first best friend? Are you still in contact with them? If not, what would you say to them if you could talk to them today?
My best friend moved with me to California a few years back. We'd gone to high school together, spent almost every night and all hours of the morning working on cars, and would make these random two-hundred-mile road-trips to buy car parts from strangers in other states. I think most of our hobbies were pretty identical - sometimes a bit out-of-the-ordinary (building radio antennas, electronics, diy fireworks, random trespassing around the MIT campus, electric vehicles built from scrap parts, etc.) It culminated in us packing all our belongings into my vw and just heading out to California to find a job (which we both did, successfully).

Well, fast-forward a few years, new friends, etc, and we fell out. I'd driven to his apartment one day to find out what happened, and knocked on the door. Some other guy answered, and my friend came out walking from the back of the room behind him. I looked over at both of them. "Who's this?". He immediately responded. "Oh, that - that's XXX, my boyfriend". Shortly after that he just stopped taking my calls and never responded to any of my IMs or texts. It was completely unexpected as he'd had girlfriends before and never really said anything about it -even to his mother. It really made me question the nature of our friendship at the time. Had he told me earlier, I'd have been glad to be his wingman and laugh about it instead of overanalyzing things. If I could talk to him today, I'd tell him that it's silly, and I actually think being gay is absolutely cool and doesn't invalidate our friendship.
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