Andreas Echavez (oceanplexian) wrote,
Andreas Echavez

Answer for question 4158.

There's a lot of nostalgia around old franchises coming back right now. Movies, TV shows, even action figures! What's something from your childhood that you wish would come back? Why?

(This question will remain in place for a few days while Writer's Block is re-launched -- we'll have new questions each weekday starting on Monday!)
Video rental stores; especially scary movies on VHS! As a kid I'd run through the aisles and try to find some obscure/crappy science fiction films, and then take them home to watch on a rainy day. These days, kids don't understand what it's like find movies on a shelf, or to huddle around a tiny television and watch them in the way they were meant to be watched -- with imperfections, distortions, skips, cracks and all. Movies are too glossy, too perfect, and too realistic now. It's really noticeable if you watch old movies without CGI (e.g. Star Wars IV). Everything had an inexplicable analog 'real-ness' that felt more immersive than even the best 3D-4K-IMAX-whatever.
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